It only took a few days of working for myself to learn

I am one fickle and demanding boss. But the hard work has paid off, and now
I celebrate with you 12 of my greatest accomplishments from the last 365 days.

5500 Dollars Raised for Beto's Burrito 879 New Twitter Followers 90 Writerly Meetings 36 Published Articles, Poems and Stories 31 Painted Portraits 10 Awesome new clients 6 Launched websites 4 Rescued Cats 3 Speaking Events 2 Beach Clean-ups 1 Exciting New Portfolio An Engagement and a Marriage

Keep at it.

If what you want comes easily, be suspicious. Getting used to hard work is part of the success.

Biggest Lessons

Don’t be mean,

not even anonymously. Also, don’t pay attention to meanness.


Money shows up

when you really need it. There are more important things.

What's Next?

I start a new job on Monday, October 24. I'm writing a blog about it. Read my first post.


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