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May 2012

May 31, 2012

eHealth 2012: Day 3 Sketch Notes

Thank you for all the nice words about my sketch notes this week! Certainly makes it easier to keep doing it, even if the speakers think I’m not paying attention. Someone said I should make postcards out of these. Would you want a set? Here are the final day’s notes, my favorite of the three, - Read More -

May 30, 2012

eHealth 2012: Day 2 Sketch Notes

Today’s notes are a little lighter, admittedly because my colleague and I decided to explore Granville Island in the afternoon. Looking forward to doing tomorrow’s though. Join us at Joe Cafazzo’s talk on mHealth for Chronic Disease Management at 1030 am before we catch our flight back to Toronto. If you’ve liked the sketches so - Read More -

May 29, 2012

eHealth 2012: Day 1 Sketch Notes

I’m in Vancouver right now for my first eHealth conference. Thought I’d capture my notes again in sketch form. Here are day one’s.

May 28, 2012

Designers Leaving Healthcare: Why?

I’ve been surprised that most of the time when I mention I’m a designer working in healthcare, another designer usually pipes up that they too used to work in health. Their reflections, however, are almost always past tense. In response to last week’s post, two friends on twitter (who both used to work in healthcare) - Read More -

May 18, 2012

The One Thing Healthcare Needs to do Today

“Unlike the interstate highway system, which did produce smooth roads across state lines, healthcare wasn’t designed. It just happened.” – a two year old blog post by Jay Parkinson Over the last few weeks, through recruitment efforts and heavy workloads, I’ve been wondering – how do we get more designers in healthcare? I need help! This leads - Read More -