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Words on design and life by Cassie McDaniel

November 2012

November 20, 2012

Don’t kill a crazy idea before it’s been tested

Ideas that are different will challenge the way things have been done before, and they require courage and hard work to see through to the end We love to think that designing is as simple as having an idea, sketching it out, putting it in Photoshop to create assets that can be built out into an - Read More -

The design advisors table, photo by @mud
November 9, 2012

Building a Hackathon

I recently reached out to founder Sahadeva Hammari to talk about his tool Collabfinder, which brings people with different skill-sets together to tackle projects, and we ended up having a conversation about starting hackathons. Saha had some questions about my recent experience on the coordination side of Hacking Health, and he was gracious enough to - Read More -

November 2, 2012

ISO 13485: Healthcare Regulation

Earlier this week at our centre-wide, monthly meeting my colleague Lily Alexander took the opportunity to train us one of the most boring subject-matters that ever existed: ISO 13485. So sorry Lily, but it’s true. What is ISO 13485? From what I understand so far ISO 13485 is the standardized regulations around medical device manufacturing - Read More -