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December 2014

holiday illustrations
December 11, 2014

2014 Indy Holiday Gift Guide

Last year I began the tradition of publishing a holiday gift guide for independent artists, designers, publishers and craftspeople from within my network. I got a lot of pleasure knowing those folks got some business through it and that shoppers were putting their money where it could help people pursue what they love. The collection - Read More -

Mozlandia sketchnotes
December 10, 2014

(or, holy shit, what a year)

Those of you who know me know these things already, but for you new friends, let me tell you. In the last 14 months I had a baby, emptied all my savings on a house and a car, moved house (to an odd little town), traveled to San Francisco, New York, Michigan, Florida, Chicago, London, - Read More -

astronaut forest
December 9, 2014

Re-entering the spectacle

I’m back! And I wanted to write a few words about returning to my blog after a spring/summer/fall of gone emailin’. Being back here on this blog and writing my thoughts publicly is like randomly running into my brother in a cafĂ© in Leeds. We shout. We hug. Probably nobody is looking, but we feel - Read More -