I am a designer at Mozilla, working on the Webmaker project to help enable web users everywhere to become web makers.

Other things I’ve done: I started Women && Tech, made lots of things you can see in my design portfolio, and have published elsewhere about design, technology, and even some fiction and poetry. I self-published a children’s book in collaboration with my dad who passed away just under a year after we finished. 50% of book proceeds continue to benefit the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation in Toronto. Buy a book or an ebook.

This blog used to be called “Designing Healthcare” and it chronicled my journey of entering (and exiting) healthcare, a mostly unfamiliar industry to designers like me. Any entries prior to April 11, 2013 will be mostly related to that experience.

I sincerely love to hear from people. Say hi to me (@cassiemc) on Twitter.