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First impressions

March 19, 2013

Brave New World

O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in’t. —William Shakespeare, The Tempest I’m a little sad, and a little excited, to share that this is my last week working at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation on the Human Factors team. I’ll - Read More -

May 30, 2012

eHealth 2012: Day 2 Sketch Notes

Today’s notes are a little lighter, admittedly because my colleague and I decided to explore Granville Island in the afternoon. Looking forward to doing tomorrow’s though. Join us at Joe Cafazzo’s talk on mHealth for Chronic Disease Management at 1030 am before we catch our flight back to Toronto. If you’ve liked the sketches so - Read More -

May 29, 2012

eHealth 2012: Day 1 Sketch Notes

I’m in Vancouver right now for my first eHealth conference. Thought I’d capture my notes again in sketch form. Here are day one’s.

March 14, 2012

Your patient is my father

Last week my oldest brother got a call at midnight from Doctor K that our father needed to go into surgery right away and that he had a fifty percent chance of surviving the procedure. My dad lives in Texas and was being treated in a hospital three hours from where he lives, but my - Read More -

January 20, 2012

Walking into a hospital: 20 Design Challenges

For anyone who doesn’t regularly spend time in a hospital, walking into one is challenging. You imagine everyone you see is a doctor or a nurse striding confidently toward a patient to, oh I don’t know, save someone’s life, their elevated status making you feel small and inconsequential. At every corner are stands with old - Read More -

January 6, 2012

Looking Forward, Looking Back

I am a goal setter, always have been, so the idea of making resolutions as an acceptable activity appeals to me greatly. This week, fresh back at work, I hunkered down with paper and pencil and burned this question into my mind until it no longer made sense: What do I want from the healthcare - Read More -

November 4, 2011

Pharmaceutical design

“The establishment of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the mid-20th century, played a significant role in the evolution of graphic design and advertising.” The above quote comes from a current design show at Cooper Union in NYC (running until Dec 3, 2011) called PHARMA featuring some work of Herb Lubalin (also Paul Rand, Aldo Calabresi, - Read More -

October 20, 2011

The Human Factor

My first big project out of college was for Duracell. I worked for a small start-up in England and we were tasked to build a microsite to promote Duracell’s partnership with a camera company. I was thrilled, intimidated, even smug about having a well-known brand almost entirely in my hands. There was something enchanting about - Read More -