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July 3, 2015

Not Brave Enough for the Internet

I try not to squeeze my eyes shut in real life but lately the sheer amount of suffering, how deep and wide its reach, how much at the surface of our lives it is, how personal and abstract, how very real it seems, how both unstoppable and sadly stoppable it is at the same time, - Read More -

January 23, 2015

Mozilla plays ball

Today, the Mozilla Foundation debuted the team’s dribbble account. We coordinated our shots so that the team page looked … coordinated. It is admittedly weird to use Dribbble — a notoriously closed and sometimes otherwise problematic platform — to start showcasing our work, but this particular solution is a HACK. We intentionally subverted dribbble’s usual - Read More -

astronaut forest
December 9, 2014

Re-entering the spectacle

I’m back! And I wanted to write a few words about returning to my blog after a spring/summer/fall of gone emailin’. Being back here on this blog and writing my thoughts publicly is like randomly running into my brother in a café in Leeds. We shout. We hug. Probably nobody is looking, but we feel - Read More -

April 14, 2014

An Experiment

This spring and summer I am going to try an experiment. Instead of posting writing on my blog, I am going to email it. Instead of blasting it out to noone in particular, I am going to send it to people who have explicitly signed up. Instead of an open letter to the world, I - Read More -

November 28, 2013

2013 Indy Holiday Shopping Guide

This holiday season I thought it would be cool to help promote some of the awesome independent designers, writers and artists within my network. These people are doing something I’ve always found incredibly difficult: making things with discipline and purpose, putting themselves out there, maintaining a shop, and schlepping their goods all over the place - Read More -

November 14, 2013

Painting Kim’s Portrait

It’s because of my Mom I always have a smile on my face. She taught me to always think positively and to be helpful toward others. Most importantly how to love. – Elaine Nyblade-Scholl Russ and Kim and one of their daughters, Kyra, moved down to central Florida when I was in college, so I - Read More -

September 30, 2013

Reflections on Turning 30

I’m typing this with a sated baby in the crook of my arm, with a new-found respect for true multi-tasking. I have been thinking a lot lately about contentedness, about how I have never been happier, and today’s birthday feels like it’s just added more pleasure to the pile. In fact every day has felt - Read More -

Thoughts on Syria preview
September 11, 2013

Thoughts on Syria

I’ve been trying to understand what’s going on in Syria. Some images come to mind.

June 20, 2013

The future of Webmaking

“On the other other side, a side that receives scant attention, scanter investment, is where big problems – little b, little p – reside. Here, you’ll find a group I’ll refer to as the unexotic underclass. It’s rather quiet in these parts, except during campaign season when the politicians stop by to scrape anecdotes off - Read More -

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