Recently my huz and I finished some work for a dear old freelance client we’d been neglecting while I settled into my new routine with University Health Network. Though our response to her simple request had been weeks delayed (I don’t dare look up how long it actually was – it could well have been months), our client Whitney responded so, so nicely to our apology and belated delivery.

“This time of year is so busy – thanks for taking the time to make the changes. Happy Holidays!” she wrote.

Such truth! This is the craziest, most manic time of the year for everyone and Whitney’s small recognition of that fact not only dispelled any guilt I felt for not being the responsive and responsible person that I like to be, but it stays with me, and it makes me want to prioritize my future work with her as a way to show my appreciation for granting me the benefit of the doubt.

So in honor of Whitney’s patience, and patient clients everywhere, I breathe a sigh of relief and say a very big thanks, with the hopes that I can pass the sentiment on. Maybe there is someone around you – colleagues, friends, family, doctors, nurses, janitors – that you too can show a little love and lenience to for not being as perfect as you would like them to be this holiday season.

It is with that cheer that I share the cards I designed for the Human Factors team this year.

The holidays are a time of year when designers can take creative license to show a sense of humor and good cheer, veering away from sometimes suffocating brand guidelines. Personally, I loved taking a concept from scratchings in my notebook to my colleagues’ desks for final signatures. The office enthusiasm for the project didn’t hurt either. Hopefully the recipients will enjoy them as much as I liked making them.

Without ado – Holiday Usability Errors, as premiered on Dribbble, and shipping out today to the team’s faithful friends and clients as a small token of our appreciation.

And on one final note keeping with the theme of lenience, please bear with me as I crawl on all fours through the holiday season. I do plan to travel down to Dixie between Christmas and New Years where I will get a suntan and wear shorts on Christmas day and not check my email, not even once. I’ll resume my regular weekly posts with a vengeance in the new year.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!