Today, the Mozilla Foundation debuted the team’s dribbble account. We coordinated our shots so that the team page looked … coordinated.

It is admittedly weird to use Dribbble — a notoriously closed and sometimes otherwise problematic platform — to start showcasing our work, but this particular solution is a HACK. We intentionally subverted dribbble’s usual functionality of posting individual shots one-at-a-time with this communal effort. Something none of us could have accomplished on our own.

That’s pretty Mozilla.


See the dino? That glorious Mozilla dino? The hack-the-profile idea is nothing new, but there are a number of things I love about this.

I love that it’s a throwback to Sheperd Fairey’s original Mozilla logo from 1998. I love that it celebrates a design heritage at Mozilla not many people know we have.


I love how the team got really into each and every shot, creatively reinterpreting their assigned shapes.

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But that’s not what I’m mostly excited about. Mostly, I’m excited about this:


Look at those faces! We’re missing Ricardo (he had to leave early to catch a train). And we’re supplemented by Scott (who joined us from Engineering for the exercise). You see here also Sabrina, Jess, Matthew, Luke and me.

Man am I excited about this team. Finally Mozilla Foundation has a core set of designers, a team that is cohesive, supportive, demanding, leading, inspiring, excellent. I believe we are excellent because we are working together now more than ever.

A happy extra to this story is that If you’re interested in joining this magnificent team we just posted a Senior UI Designer position today. I can’t wait to see who will join us, maybe it’s you!


But you also don’t have to be an employee to work with us. We’re still working out different ways to fold in design contributors to our work, but we are committed to working with anyone who wants to jump in with us and help keep the web open. We’ll soon be doing an open design call, where anyone is welcome to join, and maybe we’ll do another set of these dribbble shots who knows!

Do you have an idea? Jump in with us on IRC #Webmaker, join our design-focused mailing list, or email me, we’ll get you set up. ❤