I was re-reading some of my recent posts and came across this thing I wrote a couple months ago about why I love working at Mozilla.

I recognize that a culture that allows so many different perspectives, that is so fiercely dedicated to working in the open, will always have room for me. What a powerful feeling of belonging. Because of this I feel enabled to take risks and I am inspired to work hard. Mozilla is full of people like me.

In light of recent Mozilla news I thought it was worth sharing those thoughts again.

Webmaker on Lifehacker

Webmaker on Lifehacker

There’s also this lovely piece about Webmaker on LifeHacker today. I do love what I do, and the day to day people I do it with. What I know for sure is that there are a ton of good people at Mozilla and we’re going to keep working at making the web open and better for everyone. I’m very grateful to be doing this work.

Oh and–related to that old post–our UI Designer position is still open for the time being. Come work with me and so many other great people.