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The Failed Still Life

There was so much wrong with this painting: the wrong paper, wrong brushes, wrong colors, a terrible composition and a subject matter that didn’t interest me, etc. etc. I felt obliged to apologize to the Indian Corn for not doing it justice, because it was lovely in life. I want my art to add to, not take away from, the beauty of things.

This is what tends to happen when I create what I feel is a failed art piece: I layer it until I don’t feel like it failed as much. Or at least it until it is a well-marked failure, an intended failure. Sometimes it’s a great textural base, and texture is often better when it’s unplanned as such.

Then I become overwrought will self-doubt and write things like “the most impressive thing about my doings is that I do them at all” which I think is actually half-true. You gotta have some failures to have some success.

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