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Flash in To

I went to see Hugh Elliot at the FlashinTO meet-up last night at Function 13 gallery, mostly because I wanted to meet my Twitter buddy (@wheniwas19) in person but also because I’ve been curious about the group and never mustered up the wherewithal to attend. Glad I went! I had no idea Hugh was into arts & crafts (in a fairly developer-heavy crowd of dudes, this was a super pleasant surprise).  We got a sneak preview of some of his new pillow fabrics (love The Big Pillowski) that’ll show up eventually on his etsy shop, and Hugh even hooked me up with a lovely movies-in-haiku print of The Princess Bride (14/14) now hanging in prominent position when you come up the stairs to my studio (photo at left). He also announced a new documentary film-making project which looks like it is coming from the right place. Check it out: http://influentialmovie.com/

Also saw great presentations from Mikko Haapoja and Joe Flash who got me thinking even more about the designer/developer workflow (more on that at a later date). Mikko showed some inspirational work from jam3 and Joe shared some history of Adobe Catalyst, and even though I don’t use Catalyst at all it’s nice to be exposed to the workflow. The talk certainly made me appreciate how far Adobe products have come instead of cursing their flaws all the time.

On another note, we’re about to start up again with Black Kettles Collective, so if you have any crafty or design projects like Hugh’s that you think should feature on the site, get in touch.


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  1. Posted January 27, 2011 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

    Thanks so much for the write up! It’s so cool to see people have enjoyed my prints!

    And I am really excited about the documentary, so getting more word of mouth on it pre-submission launch is totally appreciated!

    Thanks, Cassie, was really great to meet you!

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