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From the Vaults

Wow. The end to 2008 came too fast, but the beginning of 2009 could also not come quick enough: I am so looking forward to Toronto! I’ve booked the flights, done my research, and have a place to stay (for the first few nights at least – after that, if I am stuck on the streets I discovered this amazing product that could come in handy, depending on how the job search goes).

I’ve been neglecting my poor blog as I finished up my portfolio site. And my next preparation for the move does not really involve blogging, but poring through my art archives, a collection of stuff that I intend to leave behind. I don’t know what good it does anybody for all this work to sit in a box in Mom and Grandma’s egg room… I’m still considering all my options – which may include putting some of the bigger pieces up for sale on Black Kettles – but for now, there is a huge pile of work in the middle of my apartment if anybody wants it. I’ll even mail it to you if you speak soon.

This is a small sample of what’s up for grabs.

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